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Boomtown has two isolation rooms for recording.  In addition to the main room, there is a smaller booth for VO and ADR.


We have helped build a vast music library with our partner company Calm and Collected, recorded talented musicians from all over the world and won multiple scoring awards at film festivals.  We can help created the music you want to hear for your project.


We have a large selection of tools for editing, cleaning and arranging audio.  Whether your production was recorded in studio or on location, we have the editing tools to help achieve the best possible quality.

Sound Design

We love being a part of the creative process and exploring new sounds.  We can help your project come alive with sounds that help convey the story and emotional impact of your project.


Mixing is essential to every project and we love to create captivating mixes that meet the technical requirements of your project, wether that is stereo, surround or immersive.


We are experts at connecting remotely.  We work with Source-Connect, Audiomovers, Zoom and other applications to facilitate communication with everyone on the team.

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